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Linkbook is fully IN CHARACTER.

Linkbook Rules
1. Refrain from posting OOCly, if necessary, use brackets.
1A. Using OOC in chat and messages is allowed, if the other player (or in group chats players) doesn't mind.
1B. Using OOC in photos such as in-game screenshots is recommended to describe what others can see in the photo.

2. Do not attempt to log into someone's account unless you have OOC permission from that person.

3. We do not tolerate public explicit content in the main feeds.
3A. Uploading explicit photos is allowed, if marked 'mature (warning)' in the photo edit option.
3B. Uploading explicit content by pages is allowed if you adjust your privacy settings to members only.

4. Do not ICly point out who people in posted photos are IRL. People use them to portray their character and they're allowed to.
4A. Do not copy an active character's photo by using the same IRL person for it. If you want to use photos of that person, you are to OOCly discuss it with the other player.
4B. When discovering another active character is using the same person for their Linkbook profile, the first character that had the photo will be allowed to keep using it, meaning the new member has to delete and change their profile photo. (This because we can't force someone to suddenly change their character's look)

5. Anonymous accounts*, are not allowed.
5A. Anonymous accounts can be created ICly, but not OOCly. If you are to ICly hide your information, you can contact Thomaspwn.
5B. Keep in mind VPN and proxy services give personal information out to IC Law Enforcement in case of a felony.

6. Impersonating another community member or one's character (without permission) is not allowed.
6A. Impersonating is allowed if you have permission from the other user OOCly.

7. When recovering a Linkbook account's password, you are required to do it directly to Thomaspwn. Passwords are never shared with anyone else. The platform in which you request your password (ie: owl forums, skype, email) does not matter.
7A. No format is required when requesting your account password to be reset.

8. IC and OOC ban evading is not allowed. When you get banned, you need to contact Thomaspwn to get unbanned.
On a relatively small website with a lot of activity going over the same feed, it is hard to filter content. This is why this rule (8) exists.
8A. IP bans are always OOC. Account/Character bans are IC.
8B. OOC Linkbook bans do not affect your OwlGaming accounts.

9. ICly accessing Linkbook is only allowed when you are ICly able to.
You are not allowed to use Linkbook when your character does not ICly have access to it. (ie: no wifi/internet connection, no phone/computer, in jail etc)

10. You are not permitted to use an already used faceclaim.
A faceclaim is a person used to portray someone’s character.
10A. A used faceclaim becomes available again after 3 months of inactivity on their Linkbook account.
You can check this by going to a profile and clicking info. It does not matter if the owner is active on other Linkbook accounts or if the character is still active in-game.
10B. Accounts and items posted by an account older than 3 months will not be deleted, whether the faceclaim is re-used or not.
10C. When a Linkbook account older than 3 months gets re-activated, the owner is forced to change their faceclaim, if this was claimed by someone else during their period of inactivity.
10D. A faceclaim of a CK’d character becomes available after 9 months.
All faceclaim rules can be disregarded when permission from the first claimer is given. You are not required to inform Thomaspwn, but it is recommended to do so to avoid future issues.

*Anonymous account: An account hiding the OOC identity of the owner. Including, but not limited to proxies and VPNs.

Breaking of the above rules may result in deletion, editing or suspending of your content and/or account.

Linkbook is managed by Thomaspwn.
Please contact me to:
-Report bugs
-Post suggestions
-Ask questions
Or for any other reason related to Linkbook.

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